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Welcome to the transformative world of Britney Jones, a faith-driven visionary millennial redefining the Christian walk while excelling as a transformative speaker, mindset & life coach, and purpose pusher, igniting positive change and personal growth rooted in faith principles. 


Infusing her corporate leadership background in America with a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, Britney is committed to leading you towards a faith-driven liberation, where being bound is no longer your reality. Her mission is to unlock your divine potential, empowering you to leive purpose-driven lives. 


I am committed to helping women transform their mindsets, cultivate authentic identities, and become their best selves- the woman God predestined us to be. This is not just a website; it's a space for empowerment, growth, and stepping into the purposed designed for each one of us

My mission is to cultivate growth and liberation, creating a ripple effect of freeing and empowering others.


She empowers women to empower women through her platform, Bestfriend in Faith.

Bestfriend in Faith founded by visionary Britney Jones,  is a thriving community that beautifully blends business, Faith, and friendship. With a deep understanding of the significance of empowerment, our founder, Britney, has created a safe space for transformation and growth, where lives are uplifted and dreams are nurtured. For far too long, the narrative focused on competition rather than collaboration, leaving many behind on their journey, but with Bestfriend in Faith (BFF), she seeks to change that.

Through the BFF Community, she aims to foster an environment where women uplift, support, and build together, taking steps on their path to success and becoming the best version of themselves. This community embraces the idea of being the woman they needed as little girls, providing encouragements, empowerment, and a strong support system for one another. 


Its Time To

Choose Yourself



Heeeyyyyy Bestfriend! I believe that every encounter has a purpose, and our paths have crossed for a reason. You are destined for greatness, and its time to unlock your true potential, DREAM AGAIN and BECOME the BEST verison of YOU. No more second-guessing or feeling overwhelmed, its time to embrace your calling and step into the person you were always meant to be. Click below!



The Bestfriend in Faith membership embodies becoming the best version of yourself through moral support, personal development, educational access, and support from a community you've always needed but haven't been able to find...until now!


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