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Heyyyyy Bestfriend, I'm Britney – a Houstonian, wife, entrepreneur, and businesswoman. Let me share a bit more about who I am at heart—I absolutely love God; I've been a church girl my entire life. I also adore dressing up, singing my heart out, and diving into the world of books. My journey has taken me to various corners of the globe while allowing me to climb the corporate ladder. I received my Bachelor's from Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, and my Master's from Houston Baptist University here in Houston, TX. Yet, behind this façade, there's a raw and unedited truth. I'm just a girl from Acres Home, TX, who grappled for years with uncertainty about my purpose, my 'why,' and struggled to grasp my identity. Amidst the polished exterior and adventures, I made a leap of faith. Despite success, I felt drained living a life not in line with God’s plan. An overwhelming disconnection prevailed until I found solace in Him—a place where my true identity took root, sparking my pursuit of purpose. That pivotal moment began an extraordinary transformation, shaping the woman I aspire to be, aligned with God’s heart. Now, my passion ignites to witness genuine healing and liberation in women—breaking chains that hinder their predestined purpose. It's about shedding old behaviors, setting steadfast boundaries, and passionately pursuing the incredible destiny God has laid for them. Know this—I recall the day I chose not to shrink and pursued everything God has for me- and I desire that for you too! Let's Transform, Cultivate, and Become. Become HER, as destined by God. Yours truly, Britney T. Jones Your Trusted Bestfriend in Faith

I felt drained living a life not in line with God’s plan.

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Working with Britney as my coach has been a game-changer! Her guidance and insight helped me gain remarkable clarity on my God-given assignment and the best next steps to take. With her coaching services, I confidently launched my own successful event, and doors of opportunity swung open wide. Not only did my professional life flourish, but my faith grew stronger as well. Britney's coaching truly transformed my life, and I can't recommend her enough for anyone seeking guidance, growth, and a powerful boost in faith!

J. Williams, Christian Event Planner

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Britney's impressive track record as a serial entrepreneur and leader in corporate America is a testament to her ability to navigate diverse environments and excel in various industries. Her expertise in business strategy, leadership development, and innovative thinking has made her a sought-after consultant and advisor for organizations seeking to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the modern world.

Beyond her professional achievements, Britney is deeply committed to making a positive impact in her community. She actively mentors aspiring entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, and young professionals, helping them unlock their potential and realize their dreams. Her dedication to social responsibility and philanthropy has earned her recognition as a compassionate and influential advocate for change.

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