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Unstoppable Confidence

Duration: 6 months

Bi-weekly group coaching calls (60 minutes)

· Private Facebook group for community support and connection

· Quarterly one-on-one coaching sessions (60 minutes)

· Monthly guest expert sessions (60 minutes)

· Accountability partner pairing

· Access to a library of confidence-building resources (e.g., workbooks, videos, meditations)


Investment: $2,997 (or 6 payments of $499)



Month 1: 
Identifying and Challenging Limiting Beliefs

· Understanding the roots of self-doubt

· Recognizing negative self-talk and reframing thoughts

· Setting confidence-boosting goals

Month 4: Effective Communication and Boundary-Setting

· Developing assertive communication skills

· Setting healthy boundaries

· Practicing self-expression and authenticity

Month 2: 
Building Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance

· Understanding personal values and strengths

· Practicing self-compassion and self-forgiveness

· Developing a growth mindset

Month 5: Building Resilience and Grit

· Understanding the importance of failure and learning from mistakes

· Developing a growth mindset and perseverance

· Building a support network and community

Month 3: 
Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

· Understanding the biology of fear and anxiety

· Developing coping strategies and resilience

· Building courage and confidence in decision-making

Month 6: 
Sustaining Confidence and Achieving Goals

· Developing a daily routine for confidence-building

· Creating a plan for long-term success

· Celebrating achievements and progress

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